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Here's a few of our favorite links.

Biodynamic Agriculture - We recommend this site as a starting point as you begin to work with Biodynamics.

Josephine Porter Institute - Carrying on the legacy of Josephine Porter, the JPI (Woolwine, VA) is dedicated to making biodynamic preparations, and conducting biodynamic agricultural research and education. Focus is on biodynamic agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Marian Farms - The mission of Marian Farms (San Joaquin Valley, CA) is to grow and produce the healthiest possible foods while nourishing and revitalizing the earth through the practice of Biodynamic agriculture. This site details how this is done.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply - Everything you need for organic gardening (includes links to books, fertilizers, growing, seeds and nursery stock, tools, watering, weed and pest control)

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association - Information about Dexter Cattle

Willing Workers - This links to the Hawaii chapter of the Willing Workers of the World organization (includes links to Maui). WOOF brings together travellers seeking to explore new cultures and gain experience with organic growing and other rural activities.

Uncle Dirty - Patrick's band, Uncle Dirty, has a new album called Alien in a Bottle. Check it out at:






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