Winter 2008
Fall 2006

Bill Elliott visited last January. Read the review about his latest book. <review>

Here's a few excerpts from our Winter '08 Seasonal Newsletter of Gratitude.

2007 was a good year for growing as you well know if you are a regular at the farm. Last year was also the start for other things too. Our cow, Daisy, we think was successfully bred so she will probably calf in March. Also, we purchased 50 chicks from Honolulu for egg production. Those eggs have been drifting down steadily for the past few months. Pu'u O Hoku Ranch Beef from Moloka'i has also been available to the delight of the omnivorous.

What a strange thing it is that there is still so little Certified Organic grass fed beef raised and marketed in Hawai'i. Is it that people don't care? After all what grows so well in our clime? Grass. And guess what likes to eat it? Cattle. What is probably the best fertilizer for composting? Cow manure. Well managed grassland improves when cattle are properly managed. The wheels turn slowly for Biodynamic farm systems especially when most folk are sold on Organic agriculture which brings me to this point.<more>

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Our farm sign was designed and painted by Danae Howell, one of our work trade apprentices. If you would like to commission her to paint a sign ... give her a call <more>

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